FY2016-17 Budget Final

C. Explore the feasibility of hosting a virtual museum exhibit at Nance Farm and online. DESOTO, TEXAS HISTORICAL FOUNDATION BOARD AND ASSISTANT CITY MANAGER - ADMINISTRATION (Quarters 1-4) GOAL 5) MAINTAIN A QUALITY WORKPLACE FOR EMPLOYEES A. The City Council will host an Employee Appreciation Luncheon in the spring of 2017. CITY COUNCIL (Quarters 2-3) B. Continue to enhance the Employee Wellness Program to encourage employee fitness and health improvements. HUMAN RESOURCES (Quarters 1-4) GOAL 6) BECOME A DESTINATION FOR ARTS, FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT AND SPORTS A. Continue partnerships with the Chamber of Commerce Convention and Visitors Bureau and DeSoto hoteliers, to develop a regional audience for events taking place in City of DeSoto facilities. PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICER AND PARKS AND RECREATION (Quarters 1-4 ) B. Collaborate with the DeSoto Independent School District and private entities to create a long-term financial plan for the construction of a recreation center / aquatics center in DeSoto. CITY COUNCIL AND PARKS & RECREATION (Quarters 1-4) C. Explore an entertainment venue that will target youth-focused events. DESOTO ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (Quarters 1-4) D. Explore a movie-grill type venue. DESOTO ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (Quarters 1-4) E. Build partnership with the DeSoto Independent School District, to enhance the Facility Use Agreement to include arts/theatre venue. CITY COUNCIL AND PARKS & RECREATION (Quarters 1-4) Develop a “black box” theater. PARKS & RECREATION AND DEVELOPMENT SERVICES (Quarters 1- 2) F.




Increase involvement of the Veterans Affairs Committee. MAYOR, CITY SECRETARY, PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICER, LIBRARY, FIRE DEPARTMENT (Quarters 1-4)

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