FY2016-17 Budget Final

1. Develop a Resolution to officially recognize the Veterans Affairs Committee CITY COUNCIL AND CITY SECRETARY (Quarters 1-4) 2. Develop a resource-link page on the City website for veterans CITY SECRETARY, PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICER AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (Quarters 1-4) B. Publicly recognize and celebrate significant accomplishments/service of citizens, City volunteers and City employees. 1. Hometown Hero Program 2. Partnership Breakfast 3. City Council Meeting Recognition 4. Social Media Recognition ALL DEPARTMENTS (Quarters 1-4) GOAL 8) ENHANCE STRATEGIES FOR MARKETING THE DESOTO COMMUNITY A. Create press releases and/or social media posts to promote good news about the City. ALL DEPARTMENTS AND PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICER (Quarters 1-4) B. Update the community on the progress of Proposition 4. CITY MANAGER’S OFFICE, CITY SECRETARY AND PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICER (Quarters 1-4) C. Explore the feasibility of creating a Marketing and Media Department within the City. 1. Explore funding sources for implementing the marketing strategy, new or updated logo, and branding. CITY MANAGER’S OFFICE (Quarters 1-4) GOAL 9) MAINTAIN MUNICIPAL TRANSPARENCY A. Continue to provide ethics training for elected officials, appointed officials, and City employees. CITY COUNCIL, ALL BOARDS AND COMMISSIONS, HUMAN RESOURCES AND ALL DEPARTMENTS (Quarters 1-4) B. Implement a hotline that offers an avenue for reporting fraud. AUDIT AND FINANCE COMMITTEE (Quarters 1-2) C. Continue the process for selecting a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) financial-reporting software system. FINANCE DEPARTMENT AND ALL DEPARTMENTS (Quarters 1-4)

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