FY2016-17 Budget Final



• Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention Grant • Vinyl Fencing along Southside of Pleasant Run Road • Dr. Emmett J. Conrad Leadership Program (Internship) • Christmas Celebration Parade • Annual Holiday Fireworks • Citizens Emergency Response Team (CERT) Grant

~General Fund Revenue~

The FY2017 planning budget was created by using a taxable assessed value of $3,200,000,000. This monetary figure represents an Estimated Growth Factor (EGF) that is 3.9515914% greater than the FY2016 planning budget, which was 3,078,355,951. By using an EGF of 3.9515914%, the City of DeSoto will realize an increase of $121 ,644,049 in taxable assessed value. In comparison to the current FY, this monetary difference will produce $12,165 in additional revenue for every cent on the tax rate. In FY2016, one cent on the tax rate was worth $307,835 . As in any given FY, the taxable assessed value of the community may fluctuate up or down based upon the final report provided by the Dallas Central Appraisal District (DCAD). The preliminary report provided by DCAD for FY201 7 indicated that there was potential for a 7.10% increase in taxable assessed value. Further, DCAD also stated that 66.81% of residential; 53.77% of commercial; and 100% of business personal property are being reappraised. Conversely, in FY2016, 51.70% of residential; 24.01% of commercial; and 100% of business personal property were reappraised. Although there appears to be an upsurge in taxable assessed value from FY2016 (4.4%), raising the growth rate factor more than 3.9515914% at this time may present a false impression of a stabilized market that has yet to be truly realized. The General Fund (GF) is supported by property, sales and other taxes, franchise fees, licenses and permit fees, charges for services, fines and forfeitures, interest revenues, and administrative fee reimbursements. Revenue for the FY2017 GF budget is $35,742,164, which is $1,585,353 more than the adopted FY2016 budget ($34,156,811). GF expenditures fund services for the Administration, Financial Services, Municipal Court, Information Technology, Human Resources, Development Services, Parks and Recreation, Library, Police an.ct Fire. The operating expenditures show an increase from $34,031 ,386 for amended budget FY2016 to $35,480,181 (FY2017) including transfers to other funds. These increases in expenditures are primarily due to a continuous rise in costs for personnel, supplies and professional fees . ~General Fund~

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