FY2016-17 Budget Final



~Texas Municipal Retirement System~

The FY2017 Texas Municipal Retirement System (TMRS) contribution rate will be 11.34%. This is a difference of .81% from FY2016 (10.53%). Above all, the funding ratio has increased from 92.2% (2016) to 94.1%. In essence, this means that the retirement account is well funded.

~Cooperative Agreements~

Southwest Regional Communications Center

The Southwest Regional Communications Center is a cooperative agreement between the Cities of DeSoto, Duncanville and Cedar Hill providing police, fue, and medical aid emergency service communications. In FY2017, the participant share for Southwest Regional Communications Center (SWRCC) will be $587,735. These additional expenditures (FY2016 : $527,000) are for computer hardware/maintenance, telephone service and a contribution to the Stabilization Fund. The Cooperative implemented a Stabilization Fund, as well as a Reserve Fund in FY2016 to conserve capital for emergencies, decreased revenues and planned expenditures. Any expenditure from these two (2) accounts will have to be authorized by each participating municipality.

Regional Jail

The Regional Jail Fund is a cooperative agreement between the Cities of DeSoto, Lancaster and Cedar Hill. Last FY, all three (3) municipalities contributed funding in the amount of $350,000. In FY2017, the contribution amount for each City will remain stable at $350,000 to fund costs for operations.

Animal Shelter

Throughout our partnership with the Cities of Cedar Hill and Duncanville, the Animal Shelter budget has consistently fluctuated. In FY2016, the participant share was $240,473. There will be an increase of approximately $7,222 ($247,695) for FY2017. The difference in funding from FY2016 is due to salary increases.

~Enterprise Funds~

Public Utilities In FY2017, contractual services provided by Trinity River Authority will cost $5,815,817 (Amended FY2016: $5,862,000) and $4,976,000 (FY2016: $4,739,654) for Dallas Water Utilities.

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