FY2016-17 Budget Final



Every FY, water and sewer rates are evaluated to ensure that fees cover the costs associated with providing both services. In FY2017, there will be a base and volume rate increase of 7.0% (FY2016: 16.3%) for sewer services. There will not be a base or volume rate increase for water in FY2017. (FY2016: 5.6% base rate and 0% volume rate).

Storm Water Drainage Management Program

The Storm Water Drainage Management Program receives funding on a monthly basis from residential and commercial users of the storm water system. The fee structure for FY2016 will remain the same as in previous years. This fee is divided into two (2) components: residential ($6) and commercial ($24). These funds are used to support the daily operations of the Storm Water Management Program and CIP.


In FY2017, the City of DeSoto will be entering its fifth contract year with Republic Waste Services. As indicated in the first year of the new contract, the Sanitation Fund rate will remain at $18 for the duration of the contract. The following is a list of additional services that are provided within the sanitation fee: street sweeping, litter and median maintenance, household hazardous waste and recycling events. In an effort to enhance our litter collection services throughout the City, this division of the Sanitation Fund will increase its manpower by one (1).

~Tax Supported Fund~

Hotel Occupancy Tax (Chamber of Commerce & City of DeSoto)

The following is a list of allocations for this fund in FY201 7: Athletic Field Maintenance ($71,720); Nance Farm Maintenance ($15,000); Billboards ($20,000); Rental-Buildings, Land and Space ($8,000); Arts Grants ($82,800); Hotel Events ($70,000); Tourism and Branding– Marketing ($65,000); Youth Tournaments ($22,377); Community Sports Initiatives ($20,000); Repair and Maintenance ($10,000); and Chamber Expenditures ($186,460).

~Capital Improvement Program~

*Attached within this budget document is the 2017-2021 CIP for all City Departments and Divisions.

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