FY2016-17 Budget Final

depend upon management’s determination whether the revenue is considered a one-time revenue or will recur annually. Investments – The investment policy is annually updated and approved by Council in compliance with the Texas Public Funds Investment Act. All investments are made in conformity with the Council approved policy. Expenditures Debt Capacity, Issuance and Management – Long-term debt will not be used for operating purposes. Capital projects financed through bond proceeds shall be financed for a period not to exceed the useful life of the project. When appropriate, self-supporting revenues will pay debt service in lieu of property taxes. The current fiscal year Debt Service requirement shall not exceed debt service property tax revenue, self-supporting revenue and balances carried forward from the prior year. The debt per capita should be within norms based on a survey of comparable cities. Unspent capital project proceeds are transferred to debt service at the completion of the capital project. The City Charter provides that the City Council may not exceed the voter – authorized limit on any bond project. Other debt management policies are detailed in the City’s Adopted Debt Management Policy. Reserve Accounts – The General Fund is required to maintain a reserve of 60 days of budgeted expenditures. The Public Utility Fund is required to maintain a reserve of 120 days of budgeted expenses. These reserves are needed to protect against the possibility of temporary revenue shortfalls or unpredicted one-time expenditures. In fiscal year 2014 a Stabilization Fund was established and appropriated annually to provide for unanticipated expenditures of a nonrecurring nature; and/or to meet unexpected increases in costs. See Stabilization Fund Policy for the usage of these funds. Operating/Capital Expenditure Accountability - An independent audit will be performed annually by a public accounting firm who will issue an official opinion on the annual financial statements and a management letter detailing areas that need improvement. Full disclosure will be provided in the financial statements and in bond official statement presentations. The Financial Services department will prepare for the City Manager and the City Council each month a report of the financial condition of the City by budget item, budget estimate compared to actual for the preceding month and fiscal year to date. Additionally, Finance will prepare quarterly capital project financial status reports for senior management review. Financial systems will be maintained to monitor expenditures and revenues on a monthly basis, with thorough analysis.

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