FY2016-17 Budget Final

City of DeSoto Fund Structure Overview

Governmental Funds

Proprietary Funds

Special Revenue Funds

Capital Project Funds

General Funds

Enterprise Funds

Park Development Corp. Fund-118 Police Dept. State Seized Fund-209 Police Dept. Fed Seized Fund-210 EMS Special Revenue Fund-213 Hotel Occupancy Tax Fund-221 Municipal Court Technology-225 Municipal Court Security Fund-226 Recreation Revolving Fund-227 Fire Training Fund-228 Police Grant Fund-229 Energy Management Fund-230 Senior Center-231 Youth Sports-Soccer-233 Historical Foundation-237 Youth Sports-Football-238 Youth Sports-Basketball-239 Health Facilities Devel. Corp-240 Housing Finance Corp.-241 Industrial Devel. Authority-242 Youth Sports-Girls Softball-247 CDBG GRant Fund -263 Fire Grant Fund-264 Library Revenue Fund-624 Youth Sports-Baseball-223 Juvenile Case Manager-224

Debt Service Funds

Fire PPE Replacement-401 Fire Equip. Replacement Fund-402 Furniture Replacement Fund-403 Command Vehicle Fire-406 Park Maintenance-407 Pool Maintenance Fund-408 Police Equipment Replacement Fund-409 Facility Maintenance-410 Electron. Equip. Replacement Fund-412 SWRCC Equipment Replacement- 413 Park Land Dedication-417 Capital Improvement-Other Public Works-419 Equipment Replacement Fund-420 General Fund Capital Improv.-486 Street Improvements-GO Bonds- 489 Street Improvements-CO Bonds- 490 Heliport Project-702 Fire Station Improvements-705 Park Improvements-710

General Funds-101 Peg Fund-102 Stabilization Fund-108 SW Regional Comm. Center Fund-111 SW Regional Comm. Center Stabilization Fund-134 City Jail Operations - 112

Public Utility Fund-502 Water Meter Replacement Fund- 503 Water/Sewer Equip. Replacement Fund-504 CIP-Water & Sewer Fund-508 Storm Grainage Utility Fund-522 Drainage Improvement Fund-528 Sanitation Enterprise Fund-552

Bond Debt Service Fund-305 Debt Service Parks Development-347

Sanitation Equipment. Replacement Fund-553

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