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I have a confession: I love baked goods. If there’s any kind of pastry or sweet confection in my house or office, I have to eat it. I love the flaky crusts, sweet fillings, and sugary icings, and, as hard as I might try to pass up grabbing a doughnut or two from the box, by the fourth time I pass it, I have to have one. It feels like a compulsory need, and while I enjoy it at the moment, I know I’ll regret it later. I also know that sweets are horrible for my teeth and my overall health, especially since I have allergies to milk, gluten, and yeast — the baked good trifecta. I bet you’ve found yourself in my shoes. Have you ever promised yourself you will give up sugar or that Monday will be the day you start your junk-free lifestyle, only to be derailed by birthday treats in the break room? Or, what about the promise you made to yourself to quit smoking, only to find yourself outside with your friends enjoying your “last” cigarette — again. Don’t be so hard on yourself! You weren’t born with a weak sense of willpower that you need to build up. Instead, as author Benjamin Hardy explains in “Willpower Doesn’t Work,” there’s a pretty clear reason the goals you set for yourself may not be working: the environment you put yourself in to achieve your goals. I read Hardy’s book this past year, and I was intrigued by the notion that our environments play a critical role in our goals. Hardy encourages people to surround themselves with people, situations, and places that will push them toward their goal. He teaches us ways to use the knowledge

and skills of successful people to become successful ourselves.

As we prepare to tackle New Year’s goals, I’m taking Hardy’s observations and expertise to heart. Heeding Hardy’s advice, I’ve learned to no longer keep sweets and baked goods in my home and office. It may sound wasteful, but I’ve even gotten in the habit of throwing away or regifting sweet treats I’m given. The gesture is appreciated, but I know I don’t have the capacity to avoid a baked good in any environment. It’s best to not even make them part of my scene!

outdoors. I decided the best way to do this is to incorporate it into my routine and put it into my environment. So, on my way to my car before and after work each day, I’m going to take a moment to take a few deep breaths, enjoy the fresh air, and build from there. Eventually, I hope to get back to rock climbing and hiking more frequently with my family. But by incorporating the outdoors into my daily environment, I know it’s going to become easier each day to spend more time there. This year, I would encourage you to find the pitfalls in your routine causing you to lose sight of your goals. I know you have the ability to meet your goals, and it doesn’t just take a little willpower.

Since I’ve adopted this philosophy, I’ve been successful at avoiding baked goods. As much as my tastebuds miss those sweet treats, I feel healthier, happier, and better, and I feel confident in my ability to avoid those dangerous creations. the environment you put yourself in to achieve your goals.” “... there’s a pretty clear reason the goals you set for yourself may not be working:

– Dr. Brooks

This year, I have a few goals I’ll be working on, too. One of these is to spend more time

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