Art Connection –– Summer 2022

designer spotlight: craig Wickersham

You may have seen him strolling through the aisles of the Celebration of Fine Art, usually with a couple of people in tow. He’s not there just to take in all of the art, he’s guiding, listening, watching––looking for what makes his clients light up. It’s part of his process and it’s in part what has made him such a successful designer and architect. Indeed, Craig Wickersham has earned his stripes as an architect. He studied at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin (interviewed and accepted by Mrs. Wright) and has been practicing the craft nationally and internationally for more than 40 years. But, perhaps more importantly, he’s mastered the art of connection and storytelling, portrayed through his designs, each of which are unique and personal to the individual he’s working with. “Working with people and listening to their desires and this passion that comes out…it’s very fulfilling,” Craig said. “Throughout the process, people are sharing and I ask questions to find out what’s really important. We get into it very deep. And that part of the process is very fulfilling because you’re able to reach in and listen in a way that most people don’t really do with them.” Understanding their desires and their passions is the first step in creating the “story” of their home––and it’s also how

Image courtesy Craig Wickersham.

he helps them select the perfect artwork. But there are a few other steps Craig suggests for finding the right piece for the right space. Look at all varieties and styles “One thing I like about the Celebration is they have a broad range of excellent artists,” Craig said. “We see everything from high-end contemporary to high- end Western, and sculpture. When we walk our clients through there for the first time, we’re trying to read what they attract to.” Like Craig does with his clients, get exposed to a wide variety of art and go in without preconceived notions. Simply be attuned to what sparks your desires or tugs at your heartstrings. You might be surprised by what you connect with––and usually it’s instantaneous. “When they connect with it, it’s very powerful,” he said. “And the artists feel it. It’s really a fulfilling process. It’s joyful.” Think holistically “I was trained to design in a holistic way,” Craig said. “We don’t look at the building as an entity in and of itself. I design the landscape, furniture and the art. I work with artists and we build a lot of the components of the building that may be fabricated pieces. A fireplace

isn’t just a place that has fire in it. Oftentimes, I’m doing the art that’s inside the fireplace––fabricated out of steel and other materials––and that is echoed throughout the house. It’s a holistic process in which we consider fabrics, materials, artwork and lighting. And that goes inside and out.” Beyond artwork on the walls, artwork can be integrated into the fixtures, furnishings and landscaping of a home. It can take the shape of a sculpture garden at the entrance of your home, or vases placed in bookcases. Craig has even had custom mirror enclosures created for vanities. And most artists are eager to help you create your vision. (continued) “When they connect with it, it’s very powerful. And the artists feel it. It’s really a fulfilling process. It’s joyful.”

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Issue 1 | Summer 2022

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