Art Connection –– Summer 2022

"The celebration feeds a part of me that the studio doesn't. I get really excited about going and seeing everybody and talking to everybody "

Balancing math and art Though sculpture is new for Leah, she's getting to tap into a side of her that's equally as present as her artistic talent: engineering and mathematics. But even with her paintings, she finds her analytical, engineering brain is regularly being tested. “I really like when two plus two equals four––so there’s this very analytical side of me,” she said. “I paint these effervescent, flowy, uncontrolled, organic pieces, but really I just want straight lines. I think you'd be surprised at how connected math and art are. It is analytical, and technical and challenging. And yes, it's pleasing to have two plus two equal four, but I have to make two plus two equal four with water and paint that I can't entirely control. So it's trying to accept my limitations, but also conquer a medium that shouldn't be conquered.” Perhaps that’s what drew Leah to the challenge of 3D metal art––many aspects of it do have to be controlled and

precise. That’s her challenge now––thinking through how to make it structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing from all angles. Looking on the horizon In the meantime, Leah is busy being a mom to her two-year-old daughter, and fulfilling commissions and

creating pieces that she hopes create a peaceful pause for people. “I really want to create joyful places, respites, and safe places for people to travel to and escape to and to find some reason to have joy in their life,” she said. She also has her sites set on the next Celebration of Fine Art. “The Celebration feeds a part of me that the studio doesn't,” Leah said. “I need this alone and creative time, but if there's nowhere to show it off, then what's the point? So, I get really excited about going and seeing and talking to everybody.”

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Issue 1 | Summer 2022

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