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February 2020

Avoid These Mistakes Saving Money Isn’t Always the Best Option

An estate plan is essential to have in your life. No matter how old you are, it’s extremely beneficial to set some time aside to draft and create one. However, I’d like to discuss some common estate planning mistakes that I see people make all too often. Two of the biggest problems we see in estate planning are that people often try to do it themselves or search for the cheapest method possible. Unfortunately, we encounter one of these two issues more regularly than I would like. They create more stress and anxiety for our clients and their loved ones. Many of these problems come up when people are keen to save money. I understand the desire and even the need to save as much money as you can. In the end, however, having a professional look through your estate plan and ensure you haven’t missed anything is far more valuable than money. Many people are unaware of every step they need to take and, if they choose to do it themselves, there’s no way to know whether it’s correct or not. Sadly, these issues are often only apparent when that person is gone, making it too late to fix. One mistake or missed document in the process can cause chaos for the family, who will be left trying to piece documents together as they try to figure out what happened. They might not know what their loved one’s intentions were or whether or not they have the rights to certain assets. We have a lot of people come into the office who have tried to create estate plans themselves or through a kit they purchased at a retail store. This creates a dire situation on its own. Many of these kits are not compliant with Texas law, leading to far more trouble than they’re worth.

crucial to go to an estate planning attorney if you’re creating an estate plan. The same goes for your loved ones and friends. Relying on a professional who specializes in estate planning eliminates all concerns in this area. Our aim at Thomas-Walters Estate Planning is to reduce the pressure and anxiety that comes with estate planning. My team and I offer professional care that you and your family can rely on for lifetimes.

In another attempt to save money, a person may try to find a firm that only offers estate planning on the side. There are many people out there who see this as the cheaper route to take. While there might be a few firms that offer less expensive means in estate planning, this doesn’t guarantee that the results will be the same as if they had gone to a firm that specializes in estate planning. For example, if you have a heart problem, you’re not going to go to the family practitioner. You’re going to want to see a heart specialist. This is the same in the legal world; certain lawyers specialize in certain areas of law. It’s

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