Executive Cou nci I

Composed of Ihe C.S.A. oIficers, class pres· idents, and officers of selected C.S.A. organi· zations, Ihe Executive Council ratifies all leg. islative acts and enforces decisions of Ihe leg. isla live branch.

Seated: Sharon Raimondi, Carol Cerber, Mary Ellen Meany, Ann Sperling, Marcia Fitzgibbons, Mary Eileen Lynn, David Car· penter. Stllnding: Mr, Ted Young (Advisor), David Hortman, Gregory Leil!blOn, Kathy, Charles TIlOmpson. am Drago, James Olliver, William Byrer, Keith Bernhard, Lihby Rivenson. Faye Kroll, lanice Heller, Harry Spector, David·Albert Stickney, Timothy Gallin•• u (A(h~sor.)


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