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Have You Heard of Forestburg, SD?

I f you’ve ever heard of Forestburg, South Dakota, I will buy you a cup of coffee. If you’ve ever been there, I will buy you breakfast so I can ask you, “Why in the world would you ever go there?” Well, for me, I grew up on a farm 12 miles north of the town, and it’s where my parents still live. A part of me still thinks of it as home, although I’ll likely never live there again. As our sons were growing up, we traveled back there every summer so they could experience a little bit of life on the farm. And once my parents retired from teaching, Dad and Mom began coming to Ojai every fall for a month. Nevertheless, I am feeling the 1,700-mile distance more acutely as my parents get on in years. For the last four years, Mom has been battling Parkinson’s disease, so I took the opportunity in early February to go home for a visit. My flights went well, and during my time there, I accomplished a few goals: 1. I took eight days just to be with Mom and Dad. I am forever grateful for their faith and good grace, which preserved our relationship through my knucklehead teen years. Now we have a rich friendship. The days passed all too quickly. As I was getting ready to leave, Mom said, “When did they start making two- day weeks?” 2. I renewed my cold-weather certification. The 4 inches of snow was fun, but two nights of minus 15 reminded me that I much prefer California winters! 3. I contributed to the family conversation about Mom’s impending need for help at home. While I am so proud of Dad for his care and attention to her increasing

needs, the fact is that outside assistance at home is a necessity. Because of her worsening Parkinson’s disease, she needs help with preparing food, administering medications, and other daily basics. Which brings me to my brother and sister-in-law. A few years ago, they moved next door — in part, to take care of the folks when the time came. Selena has professional care experience and schedule flexibility, so she can provide an hour or two of help per day. A long-term care insurance policy will help cover some of the expenses. Parkinson’s is a dreaded disease. As my parents approach their 90s, Mom and Dad will likely need more help in order to stay at home. I have such appreciation for the faith and good cheer with which my parents are living this chapter of their lives, and I am so grateful that my brother and sister-in-law are close by to help. Kathy and I will do all we can to help from where we are. Having Selena and Kevin there is such a tremendous help and comfort to us. Similar to my vertigo episode that I wrote about a few months ago, my parents’ journey reminds me that many of my clients are going through similar daily challenges, and not all of them have an incredible support system like the one provided by my family. My wife is helping out an aging friend here in Ojai, and she has found HELP of Ojai to be a tremendous resource. Dealing with health issues is stressful, but it doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying life. Sure, you might not be climbing Mount Everest during retirement, but you can still enjoy life to the fullest.

May March be marvelous!

–Lyn Thomas


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