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About the Foundation Source Annual Report

In 2017, independent foundations in the United States gave an estimated $49.5 billion, up 4.9% over the previous year. 1 This is an impressive statistic when one considers that 98% of these foundations have assets of less than $50 million and are funded by a single primary source, usually a family, an individual, or a corporation. The performance of this under $50 million foundation sector, represented by a sample of our private foundation clients, is the focus of this report. Foundation Source is uniquely positioned to provide data and analysis on this majority of the foundation community. Because we manage over 1,400 private foundations, we were able to source the data in this report from actual client transactions: grants, investment returns, asset balances, and charitable and administrative expenses disbursed in 2016 and 2017. The data is not based on opinion surveys or anecdotal evidence, so we are able to provide the timeliest and most accurate look at foundation activities. Foundation Source has been issuing these reports since 2008 to enable private foundations and their professional advisors to bench- mark grantmaking and financial performance. Now celebrating our 18th year, Foundation Source’s expertise and thought leadership is rooted in its experience as the nation’s largest provider of comprehensive support services for private foundations. The company’s administrative services, online foundation manage- ment tools, and philanthropic advisory services provide a complete outsourced solution for private foundations. Foundation Source works with family, corporate, and professionally staffed foundations, of all sizes, nationwide.

We hope you find this report helpful and informative.

1 Giving USA: The Annual Report on Philanthropy for the Year 2017 (2018). Chicago: Giving USA Foundation

2018 Foundation Source Annual Report



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