Shepherd Wealth & Retirement - October 2018



In the cover, we focus on how developing a “just in case” plan will help not just you and your estate, but also those who have to navigate the emotional gauntlet after your passing. There is perhaps no more difficult situation to endure than losing a spouse. That’s why we wanted to take you through the four areas you need to be confident about after your spouse passes so that you can focus your attention on healing. FINANCIAL STABILITY Doubt about your money can immediately draw attention away from the memory of your spouse and add stress. Learn the details of your family’s finances ahead of time to ensure you are financially stable. Not having to worry about this area will help greatly. HEALTH Depression can derail your health faster than almost anything. In the tough times, it’s important to take care of your body and make sure you’re not ignoring warning signs that might lead to complications down the road. A proper, nutritious diet and exercise help tremendously. CHANGE IN RELATIONSHIPS Strive for and maintain supportive relationships. Death can change some relationships, causing new social situations that are unfamiliar. This can leave you trying to cope with grief without the support structure you have grown used to. Going through a loss of this magnitude is not a venture you can take on by yourself. Make sure to lean on those closest to you after going through a painful experience like this. PURPOSE Feeling like you’ve lost your purpose in the life the two of you had can be very disconcerting. Defining your purpose can be a challenge, but purpose is what gets you through life’s adversities. Without your partner, you will have to redefine how you view your life’s purpose. Wealth management is about helping you chart this path in the proper way so that you can live a successful life before and after tragedy. If you have more questions about any of these steps, reach out to us today and let us help. AFTER YOUR SPOUSE PASSES

One of the hardest challenges of aging isn’t coping with the physical changes or new limitations associated with getting older; it’s finding new groups of people with similar interests, especially for empty nesters. Many adults build their peer networks around their children, making them the focal point of conversations with other parents in similar situations. But as children grow older and eventually leave home, parents are forced to adjust to their dwindling social lives. While some adults thrive in meeting new people, many struggle to find ways to connect with their peers. Fortunately, there are apps for that. EASY FACEBOOK FOR SENIORS The mother ship of social media can sometimes be more of a maze than a way to connect with others. Facebook took notice of this and created a simplified version of the app specifically designed for those who want to avoid all the distractions. Ease of use makes the opportunity to connect with others who have similar interests simpler than ever. OURTIME Dating in your 50s can be tricky, especially when many singles are looking for specific requirements in a partner. Some are seeking casual relationships, while others are looking for someone to grow old with. OurTime is a dating app that allows seniors to find partners with similar values, priorities, and passions. It’s a great way to find new people to share the golden years with. SKYPE You don’t have to wait for the holidays for your next group gathering; Skype allows you the opportunity to have video chats with anyone who has a smartphone. Maybe your conversation about the football game got cut short at church, or maybe you never finished your discussion at book club. Whatever the occasion, Skype gives you the option to connect with the people around you, even when you don’t feel like leaving the comfort of your house.


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