Custom Care PT: Lymphedema

NEWSLETTER Health & Wellness Newsletter 2018


MANAGING LYMPHEDEMA AND HOW PHYSICAL THERAPY CAN HELP DON’T LET PAIN BECOME A WAY OF LIFE! Do you struggle with achy, swollen, and stiff joints? Do swollen limbs make activities like dressing or getting in and out of a car challenging? Lymphedema can make even the simple things in life difficult. If you live in the Forest Grove area and suffer with lymphedema, please call Custom Care Physical Therapy to arrange a free consultation to learn how physical therapy can help you manage your condition.

• Managing Lymphedema And How Physical Therapy Can Help • Patient Success Spotlight • Staff Spotlight • We Are Moving! • Relieve Lymphedema Pain In Minutes


• Manual Therapy • ASTYM • Massage Therapy • Parkinsons • Athletic Training

• Craniosacral Therapy • Myofascial Release • Muscle Energy Technique • N.A.I.O.M.T.

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