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Mai Fee Physical Therapist

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“I’m very thankful for Custom Care Physical Therapy because I used to suffer from neck pain, headaches, back pain and I didn’t know it was because my posture was really bad compared to now. I have learned how to stretch my back and neck and the proper way to do my workouts too. Four weeks was enough to feel great. Thank you Custom Care and infinite thanks to Aaron.” - Araceli A. 4 3 3 7 2 7 2 4 3 “Four weeks was enough to feel great. Thank you Custom Care.” 5 9 1 6 2 4

Mai was raised in O’ahu, Hawaii. She received her Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy from University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama. Currently pursing the transitional Doctorate in Physical Therapy from UniversityofSt.Scholastica.Shehasbeen inpracticesince1997.Obtaining residency training in Orthopedic Manual Therapy from Kaiser Hayward in 2006. Mai is a certified Level III Orthopedic Manual Therapist. As well as, a certified Lymphedema (swelling disorders) therapist. She’s passionate about helping her patients achieve functional goals. Furthermore, she enjoys educating patients regarding management of chronic conditions. Yet,promotingwellness remainsadeep interest forher.Maihasexperience workingwithorthopedic,neurological,andoncologicaldiagnoses.She lives in Hillsboro, Oregon with her family. Mai’s hobbies include hiking, theater, live music, and giving back to the community.


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Fun & Games

Relieve Lymphedema Pain In Minutes

Try this movement if you are experiencing pain from lymphedema.


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Try thissimpleexercise tokeepyou moving.Share thiswitha friendor family member tokeep themmoving too!

Relieve Lymphedema Pain

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Ball Squeeze—Seated Exercise Keep your back and neck straight and your shoulders relaxed. Grasp your exercise ball lightly between your palm and fingers. Extend your arm in front of you, holding your arm higher than your heart. While keeping your arm elevated, squeeze the ball with your fingers as tightly as you can. Hold the squeeze for about 3 seconds, then release. Repeat exercise 5 to 7 times.

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