ClydeCo-Resilience-Inclusive Insurance Report


Three critical success factors

Our conversations with insurers and their partners show plenty of momentum building for inclusive insurance. But this is still undeniably a work in progress and a tipping point has yet to be reached, as Paula Pagniez, Director, Capital, Science and Policy Practice, Willis Towers Watson explains: “Insurers in developing and emerging economies show increased interest in this potential market, however product implementation is still subject to a series of challenges, from regulation to technical know-how to the right business and social incentives. Innovation needs to be supported by strong mandates and

allocation of resources in order to turn ideas into concrete market solutions.” Market development requires a creative approach and new thinking. Although there aremore andmore players in this space, the untapped potential remains vast. We have identified three critical success factors for providers to consider when creating new products for new markets. 1. Trust 2. Transaction capability 3. Value

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