ClydeCo-Resilience-Inclusive Insurance Report

How can inclusive insurance reach its full potential?

Without specific insurance regulation, many of the elements of insurance contracts and the nature of insurance institutions cannot be recognised and enforced by law, including the right to issue insurance policies or to claim on insurance detrimental effect on access to insurance by imposing excessive costs and complexity in bringing underwriting capital to protect exposed communities. - Dr Ana Gonzalez Pelaez, Fellow of the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership contracts in the event of a loss. On the other hand, over-regulation can have a


Fiona Stewart at the World Bank describes how it has previously worked on projects at the “micro” level selling products directly to farmers. There is always a challenge in making it scaleable and affordable, without subsidies. Stewart says they are “now looking increasingly ‘upstream’ at aggregators at the ‘meso’ level such as agricultural suppliers and at the ‘macro’ level to create enabling regulatory frameworks and take down regulatory barriers to insurance provision.” Dr Ana Gonzalez Palaez, Fellow of the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) , feels that regulators need to strike a fine balance:

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