FRY April 2022


In the spotlight showcases the latest developments in shops across the UK. From a complete refurbishment to an unusual species of fish on the menu, if it’s new we’ll cover it, hopefully providing inspiration and new ideas for everyone

BD Signs rebrands Billericay Fish ’n’ Chick’n to Churchill’s

The Fish Hoose fries safely with Frymax Liquid Oil

When it came to rebranding its Billericay Fish ’n’ Chick’n to Churchill’s there was only one company Liz Binding, project manager for The Chesterford Group, considered and that was BD Signs. Over the years, the two companies have worked together on four rebrands, 14 uplifts as well as the latest Churchill’s site that opened in Eastbourne last year. Rebranding the busy Essex takeaway and 26-seater restaurant involved BD Signs overhauling the window vinyls, which is where Churchill’s proudly shows off its product provenance and values to its customers, as well as the graphics directing customers to pick up their orders from its click and collect hatch. Internally, BD Signs designed a printed wallpaper for a feature wall in the restaurant as well as vinyls for mirrors and ‘Fish & Chips since 1923’ lettering for the wall. Commenting on the work, Liz says: “It was quite a hefty programme of works for that store because we’ve got a restaurant upstairs and we had just two weeks to complete the rebrand. BD Signs did a really good job meeting our requirements and reacted really well when there were delays with other suppliers, for example, the glass for the shopfront. “With the programme of works, I was dealing with a lot of different third parties and contractors and making sure everyone pulled together. At every opportunity, BD Signs went above and beyond to do what they could for us.” With the shop now reopen, customers are enjoying their new surroundings, with Liz adding: “The site looks fantastic. It’s got a more premium look, feel and experience and is a lot nicer and more comfortable than the previous Fish ‘n’ Chick’n, which needed a really good boost and uplifting. “Customers absolutely love it too and are so impressed. We’ve got existing customers who love it even more and then we’re seeing new faces coming in, taking a look, trying us out and just enjoying the space.” BD Signs & BDigital 0115 979 4330

Having spent 35 years frying in beef dripping, Colin Cromar was keen to find a frying medium that was easier to work with than solid fat. He hit on liquid vegetable oil, which had the added benefit that his takeaway, The Fish Hoose in Thornton, Kirkcaldy, would appeal to vegetarian customers too. After a quick stint on a wholesaler’s own label, Colin moved over to Frymax Liquid Oil for its ease of use, longevity and stability. Colin explains: “I was really looking for something that was easier and safer for me and my staff to work with. Naturally your frying medium gets splashed everywhere and when you’re using fat it goes solid and is difficult to clean up. Frymax Liquid Oil is easy to use, it’s better for my frying range because there’s no risk of it solidifying in the pipes, and it can be filtered in the morning when the oil is cold, which is safer for my staff.” Available in two 10 litre bottles, Colin likes the bottle sizes which are easier to lift and pour oil into the pans. As well as being more user-friendly, Colin has found Frymax Liquid Oil performs better than the oil he was using previously, giving a longer lifespan. “I certainly get a good fry life out of it,” he adds. “I fry my fish at 177°C and my chips I blanch at 140°C and finish at 180°C, and the oil stands up really well to those temperatures. I’m only open from 4-8pm at the moment but



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