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Family Activities During the Holidays Christmas Trees, Graduation, and Santa for Seniors

M y daughter, Grace, is graduating from college this month and I am so excited for her! The whole family is looking forward to her working hard and being able to graduate a year and a half early! Grace is currently looking into law schools and hopes to have all the details figured out in the next few months. This time next year, she should be getting ready for her first set of law school exams. Christmas is coming up as well, and the whole family is excited to spend some time together. Usually, around this time of year, my parents come down for the holidays, but this year they’re holding off their visit. Since my middle daughter, Elissa, is graduating in May, they are saving their vacation time tomake the trip for her graduation. We’ll be Skyping them, though, so we can at least touch base with themon Christmas. At our house, I would prefer to keep the decorations at a minimum. But my wife, Wendy, likes to go all-out. We will have garland around the stairs, a wreath on the door, and Christmas decorations all over the inside of the house. The kids have always wanted to hang lights on the outside of the house. While I’m not particularly afraid of heights, I’ve never felt the urge to risk life and limb while hanging Christmas lights. We normally settle with wrapping the columns The problem was that they had an eight-foot roof, and my grandmother wouldn’t approve of anything shorter than a 12-foot tree. To make it fit, my grandfather had to cut the trunk down, but she would only let him cut off a little at a time. at the front of our house with lights and decorating the tree together every year.

branch and then yank on it until the whole tree fell over, causing needles, broken ornaments, and a huge brown spot from the water to spill onto the floor. Thankfully, things are not so dramatic around here, but we’ll see how Oliver’s first Christmas goes. Wendy and I have decided that we’ll probably put our tree up in the front room so he can’t get at it. We don’t want any Petey Bunny-type antics! Around the office, things have become quite busy. We recently hired a new paralegal, Sandra, and we’re thrilled to have her on the team. She has experience working with estate planning and elder law attorneys, and we’re excited to have such an experienced person help us help more people in our community. Our firm will also participate in a new project called “Santa for Seniors” this year. We are looking to brighten the holidays for a senior who doesn’t really have a family because their spouse and friends have passed or aren’t visited often. Stay tuned for more details, because we will probably be asking you to help out! Whether you enjoy putting up trees, decorating, enjoying time with your family, or all three, I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

When my mom was growing up in Alaska, she had a real Christmas tree in her home every year. It was always an adventure getting the tree. Once while searching through the woods, my mom and my granddad thought they found the perfect tree. They had a bit of a head start on Granny, so they waited for her approval before they cut down the tree. When she finally caught up to them, she looked around, then looked at them and asked “What are we stopping here for?” Granddad and mom looked at each other and one said to the other, “I guess she doesn’t like it.” And off they went again looking for Granny’s perfect tree. Granny always insisted they cut down the biggest tree she could find on their land. The problem was that they had an eight-foot roof, and my Granny wouldn’t approve of anything shorter than a 12-foot tree. To make it fit, my Granddad had to cut the trunk down, but she would only let him cut off a little at a time. He’d shave off a few inches from the bottom, try to make it fit, then take it back outside and shave off a bit more, grumbling the whole time until it could barely squeeze into the house. Once they got it inside and decorated, they had to watch out for my mom’s rabbit, Petey Bunny. Petey really loved eating Christmas trees. He’d slink up to the tree. Someone would usually be watching and would yell “Don’t you eat that tree, Petey Bunny!”Then he’d look at them, look back at the tree, and start nuzzling the lower branches. And just as soon as they took their eyes off him, he’d chew on a low-hanging

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