2021 APEGA Annual Report

continued discussions with the Alberta Association of Architects (AAA), clarifying the roles and responsibilities of architects and engineers working on building envelopes collaborated with the AAA, the SCC, and Alberta Municipal Affairs on updates to the National Building Code – 2019 Alberta Edition schedules continued our work with Alberta Municipal Affairs, focusing on matters involving professional regulation and public safety

We detailed key observations, findings, and opportunities from our 12-month review in a 100-page report.

No findings raised issues of non-compliance with our legislation or the common law, or raised issues of risk requiring immediate action. Most opportunities for improved efficiencies and procedures were operational in nature— their response was already underway or will be integrated into our departmental plans.

worked with the Alberta Energy Regulator to enhance investigative cooperation

TRAINING IN ADMINISTRATIVE LAW AND REGULATORY LEGAL PROCESSES We collaborated with the Osgoode Hall Law School to develop a virtual course on administrative law and regulatory legal processes tailored to engineering and geoscience regulation. As part of the intensive, week-long training, staff and volunteers learned how to manage and run fair and effective administrative hearings. This was especially important for our statutory volunteers serving on quasi- judicial tribunal panels, who heard evidence and made decisions within a legislative framework.

held discussions with the Alberta Boilers Safety Association to clarify the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders governed by both, or either, the EGP Act and the Pressure Equipment Safety Regulation (part of the Safety Codes Act )

REGULATORY DIVISION REVIEW We completed an in-depth internal review of our Regulatory Division policies and procedures to discover any gaps in our regulatory framework. The results were positive, confirming we are meeting our public protection mandate. Several Canadian regulators have assessed their organizational structure and methodologies against the Standards of Good Regulation guidelines developed by the U.K.-based Professional Standards Authority, a world- leader in regulatory oversight and public protection. APEGA has used those assessments to complete an in- depth review of our regulatory policies and procedures and to discover any gaps in our regulatory framework. The positive results confirmed we are meeting our public- protection mandate.

Over the past two years, 53 volunteers and 13 staff completed the certification.

We continue to work with Osgoode on an advanced course for administrative and regulatory decision-making.

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