2021 APEGA Annual Report

COMPETENCY-BASED ASSESSMENT Our competency-based assessment (CBA) tool, introduced in 2018, is an objective and consistent way for engineering applicants to demonstrate their professional skills and knowledge. It helps us determine each applicant’s ability to perform fundamental engineering tasks and reduces barriers for applicants who gained their work experience outside Canada. Based on our experience over the past three years, we made changes to optimize the CBA process. We: reduced administrative delays by issuing low- and medium-risk decisions twice a month, instead of monthly continued offering virtual information sessions for applicants and their validators (who confirm an applicant’s work experience)

began using a single examiner, rather than two to three examiners, for certain low-risk applications

We began planning additional CBA improvements in 2021. These upcoming enhancements—made possible with this year’s launch of our myAPEGA member portal—will further improve our timeline performance for applications. developed guidelines on when to use more than one examiner and how examiner recommendations will be used began providing applicants with information on how to address application deficiencies instead of refusing those who don’t meet CBA requirements. Deferred applicants can remain inside the application process while they resolve deficiencies, saving them time and money

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