2021 APEGA Annual Report

CONTINUING PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Our mandatory Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program ensures the public’s safety by requiring APEGA licensed professionals to engage in lifelong learning. In 2021, we introduced activity-based CPD reporting with the launch of myAPEGA, our online member and permit holder portal. We focused on educating and providing support to registrants with the new CPD tools. Although APEGA temporarily suspended CPD reviews in 2020 due to COVID-19 and the anticipated implementation of myAPEGA, we supported more than 6,000 registrants with their CPD reporting obligations to come into compliance with the program. At year-end, 74 per cent of APEGA registrants were CPD compliant. We expect it will take a few years for this number to stabilize and improve as registrants become more familiar with myAPEGA and technical issues are resolved. We also updated our CPD practice standard to align with activity-based reporting, providing clarity on CPD requirements and licensed professionals’ obligations. Registrants must report and submit CPD hours annually. This includes:

2021 CPD Numbers


increase in inquiries


special-consideration requests approved


44% CPD reviews originated from other regulatory activities conducted

an average of 80 hours per year in at least three CPD categories

of CPD reviews originated from licensure administration applications

at least 240 CPD hours over a three-year cycle


To ensure safe and competent practice, we approved just over 50 per cent (or 244) of reinstatement and resume-practice applications with at least one condition or restriction.

We improved our application review processes for former and existing licensed professionals wanting to make changes to their licence, resume their practice, or reinstate their licence. We introduced a licence- reactivation application to streamline the process for low-risk applicants seeking to regain their licence. We completed 923 licensure administration applications, with almost 50 per cent (or 447) being licence reactivations.

Completed applications in 2021:

344 132 447

resume practice





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