2021 APEGA Annual Report

WHAT SUCCESS LOOKS LIKE We protect the public from unlicensed practice of engineering and geoscience and unauthorized use of our professional titles.

Compliance Cases Overview



Cases referred to court

527 515 58

Outstanding cases (backlog)

Cases Closed

We protect public safety by taking action to stop individuals and companies from illegally claiming to be APEGA professionals and from illegally practising engineering or geoscience in Alberta. Individuals must be licensed by APEGA to practise engineering or geoscience in Alberta or to use our reserved titles, including P.Eng. and P.Geo., in their job titles, on résumés, or on social media. Companies must hold an APEGA Permit to Practice to practise engineering or geoscience in Alberta or to use words such as engineering, geology, geophysics, or geoscience in their corporate titles.

Active Cases


Cases with legal counsel, pending court action

Risk Categories of Outstanding Cases

8% 47% 45%

High Risk

(likelihood of significant public harm)

Medium Risk

We assess compliance cases based on their risk level: low, medium, or high. Priority is given to closing high-risk cases.

(potential disruption to business)

Low Risk

(little inconvenience or impact to the public)


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