2021 APEGA Annual Report


At work and at home, year two of the COVID-19 pandemic continued to upend our lives. It was a year dominated by the arrival of coronavirus vaccines and variants, social distancing, school closures, mask mandates, gathering restrictions, and some of the biggest social and economic challenges of the past century. Through it all, APEGA members, permit holders, volunteers, and staff faced the trials of 2021 with equal measures of tenacity, thoughtfulness, and compassion. We adapted. We found ways to survive and to thrive. We changed how we work, communicate, and collaborate—often for the better. Our collective willpower and spirit are what truly made 2021 a year like no other. Members and permit-holding companies deserve recognition for their extraordinary efforts in maintaining a high calibre of work throughout the chaos. So do our 862 devoted volunteers. APEGA’s strength and success as a regulator depend on their commitment and contributions to our organization. We focused our efforts this year on building a more inclusive and robust volunteer base that reflects our diverse membership. Working remotely, APEGA staff met and often exceeded performance expectations during disruptive and worrying times. We used technology to improve our application processing times and reduce the impact of pandemic interruptions for everything from examinations to hearings. Working with other provincial regulators, we enhanced public safety and addressed emerging issues. We provided members and permit holders with tools to help them improve their practices. Our virtual events brought people together, celebrated member achievements, and provided opportunities for continuing professional development. Most notably, we fulfilled our mission of safeguarding the public welfare of Albertans.

Our work as a regulator continues.

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