2021 APEGA Annual Report


How can 125-tonne steel arches float in the sky? How do vehicle navigation systems use satellites, sensors, and science so we don’t get lost? How can carbon emissions be safely stored hundreds of metres beneath our feet? How of Wow , a media campaign launched in 2021, answered these and many other questions. Through the campaign, we highlighted marvels of innovation and technology and the professional engineers and geoscientists behind them. We partnered with CKUA, Alberta’s community radio network, to share some of our members’ remarkable accomplishments. The How of Wow , hosted by Tony King, is listened to 133,200 times each month by audiences across the province. Listen online at ckua.com/thehowofwow Our howofwow.ca website features inspiring stories about engineering and geoscience professionals from Alberta and around the world. The site has had more than 40,500 page views in the past year. We boosted public awareness through advertising and billboard campaigns, which were displayed to almost 47.5 million viewers.

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