2021 APEGA Annual Report

MENTORING Participants in APEGA’s Mentoring Program have been creating connections online since 2016, which made it even easier for our mentees and mentors to meet during the pandemic. Our mentoring program engages professionals at all stages of their careers with formal matches that last up to one year. We also host free, online mentoring and networking events that are open to all members. It’s all about sustaining the professions and self- regulation by helping each other navigate the workforce with career advice and support.

Mini-Profile A participant in APEGA’s mentoring

program since 2015, professional engineer Mairim Neves is paying it forward. Now a mentor, she’s sharing her knowledge with someone she has a lot in common with—a female engineer who, like her, emigrated from Venezuela.

“The key is to be there when someone needs advice—that’s the important thing.”

Mentoring Statistics 2021





Total Mentees

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