2021 APEGA Annual Report


retaining a connection with our membership. This plan will be monitored and updated to ensure it continues to fit the world as engineering, geoscience, and regulation evolve. Council undertook a full look at its governance and made progress on implementing best practices. We spent many months in thoughtful debate to ensure our governance continued moving us towards being a better regulator. In March, my public member colleague Georgeann Wilkin, RN, LL.B., finished her term as a public member of Council. I valued her perspective on issues. I believe public members form a vital part of Council. We bring a different perspective on situations and decisions, which Council has always been open to hearing. As the year came to a close, we continued to bask in the 2020 afterglow of APEGA’s 100th anniversary—A CenturyWell Built. With continuing focus on governance, membership, and public safety, we will continue to serve the public interest, as is our privilege and our responsibility.

APEGA, along with the rest of the world, continued to adjust to the COVID-19 landscape in 2021. With a council of geoscientists and engineers, APEGA maintained good strategies, robust systems to monitor the situation, and the ability to reimagine a plan. The situation coincided with the membership’s positive reception of the myAPEGA rollout. The initiative assists in APEGA’s regulatory work by providing a portal to inform members of their responsibilities and ensure timely exchanges of regulatory obligations. Council continued to have meetings online, and adjustments were made to ensure effective debate and discussion. This, combined with the experience we already had with online meetings, resulted in easier and more open dialogue. We continued to have good attendance, and meeting online made it easier to ensure all people had a chance to speak. We were fortunate to proceed with one blended online and in-person meeting on APEGA’s strategic plan. It was held in the halcyon days of October when the future looked a little more COVID-free, and it served to reconnect us all as humans. Council returned to an online model for the remainder of the year. The strategic plan focuses on how to continue to regulate at the highest level while still

Mary Phillips-Rickey, FCA, FCPA Public Member


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