2021 APEGA Annual Report

DISCIPLINE COMMITTEE After some reduction in activity in 2020 given the impact of COVID-19 on all aspects of society, the Discipline Committee (DC) increased its momentum in 2021 as activity in the province increased. It benefited from having taken time to amend some of its traditional operational practices to function efficiently in the new environment. The committee carried out its work virtually, including regular committee meetings, hearings, and deliberations. It will be interesting to see how much of the new way of operating is maintained going forward. As was noted last year, various APEGA departments put innovative practices in place to ensure the DC could function efficiently. This was true team support. The DC takes its regulatory responsibilities very seriously, and committee members remain abreast of current practice requirements. The committee has four meetings a year, and the ability to meet virtually has enabled more robust member participation in meeting deliberations regardless of where they are located across the province. Of course, the downside is the missed opportunities for informal, in-person conversations.

There is a strong educational component at each committee meeting, with updates and educational information from APEGA administration and the legal profession, as appropriate. The DC addresses cases referred to it by the Investigative Committee (IC). A recommended discipline order from the IC is overseen by an APEGA member of the DC. The IC can also refer charges of unprofessional conduct, unskilled practice, or breach of ethical standards to the DC for a formal hearing, the panel for which comprises APEGA DC committee members and can include the public member depending on the nature of the charges. The best interests of the public are a strong consideration in any deliberation. I was pleased to have been able to continue to represent the public on this board of dedicated, professional—in every sense of the word—engineers and geoscientists and to confirm this committee meets its responsibility of serving the interest of the public.

Muriel Dunnigan, M.Ed. Public Member


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