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ranging from startup optimization to outage planning, maintenance, and root- cause failure analysis. They will be a great complement to our power services team.” TG Advisers, Inc. was founded in 2004 and specializes in troubleshooting, risk-informed outage planning, and O&M optimization solutions. They help utilities navigate a challenging marketplace by leveraging decades of experience with turbines and generators

and offer a robust suite of services and training. “This is an excellent opportunity for us to partner with a nationwide industry-leading engineering firm,” said Thomas Reid, director of TG Advisers. “We are excited to be able to expand our capabilities and partner with the EN power experts to offer turnkey solutions.”

DELAWARE-BASED ADVISERS, INC. EN Engineering announced the acquisition of TG Advisers, Inc., steam and gas turbine, generator, and utility plant consultants based in Wilmington, Delaware. TG “We are excited that TG Advisers has joined EN,” said Adam Biggam, CEO of EN Engineering.” They bring extensive experience and expertise to a wide variety of turbine generator projects

technical leads, and subject matter experts within each of our practices. Each is responsible for identifying and connecting new employees and acquisition staff within their service area to the team, available tools, and available resources. The goal is to help every staff member achieve their professional goals while helping Ardurra continue to innovate and provide exceptional services to our clients. Additionally, this group is fostering collaboration and communication, sharing lessons learned on current projects and pursuits, such as experience with various technologies, manufacturers, operational strategies, etc. Finally, they help garner national recognition for Ardurra and our clients by presenting technical papers and preparing award submissions on innovative solutions and feature projects for industry conferences and agencies. ■ ■ Rapid integration and coordination between sales staff. Firms that are most aligned with Ardurra have strong leadership and have built a sound technical and project delivery practice with a foundation of exceptional client services. However, a key to continued high organic growth has been the rapid assimilation of the acquired firm’s leaders into the Ardurra system. This allows the acquired staff to follow some simple but required procedures, while integrating and becoming a part of a group with world- class competence. While each of these may seem like intuitive strategies, you would be surprised how many acquisitive firms are not applying them. This is why so many continue to operate as “franchises,” rather than one, cohesive company. Inherently, Ardurra’s culture facilitates a family structure, encouraging collaboration and teamwork. By formalizing these key integration strategies, we have effectively leveraged the synergy of each new acquisition leading to sales, operations and delivery benefits. Rick Cloutier, P.E., is director of synergy at Ardurra. Connect with him on LinkedIn . Kart Vaith, P.E., is chief strategy officer at Ardurra. Connect with him on LinkedIn .


holds the group accountable for achieving the established milestones. ■ ■ Integrated selling program. As part of the integration process, our chief strategy officer, Kart Vaith, has initiated an integrated selling program that includes an education process for our existing staff on the full suite of our services that may be of interest to our clients. We also provide tools and information to the new additions that help our staff better understand Ardurra’s history, resources, and services that they can now offer to our clients. The cornerstone to this approach is to put the client first and allow every employee in the firm to prioritize superior client service and exceptional project delivery above all else. “These processes have allowed Ardurra to leverage the benefits of this rapid service growth and geographic expansion by proactively integrating each acquisition, while encouraging and rewarding collaboration.” ■ ■ Cross-selling incentives. To further encourage our existing and new acquisition sales teams to offer the full suite of services to our clients, Ardurra has instituted a training program with incentives to allow staff to learn and grow in areas outside of their core skill set. Not only does this program provide us with the means to track tangible results of the synergies realized from each new acquisition, it has successfully spurred outreach, communication, and collaboration across geographic regions and service disciplines. ■ ■ Market leader initiative. Ardurra has identified key individuals to serve as national market leaders, regional

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