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TRANSACTIONS CMTA ANNOUNCES ACQUISITION OF ACTS 29 TO EXPAND HIGH- PERFORMANCE ENGINEERING SERVICES CMTA and Therma Holdings announced they have acquired the assets of ACTS 29 Consulting in Dallas, Texas. This acquisition benefits each company by increasing their geographic reach, engineering capacity, and ability to provide high-performance design and energy-efficient solutions to their clients. CMTA and Therma Holdings play critical roles in reducing energy consumption within the built environment and look forward to bringing CMTA’s brand of high-performance engineering to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. CMTA joined Therma Holdings LLC, in 2021 to help create the leading end-to-end provider of energy and sustainability solutions and services for high-performance buildings with a focus on reducing energy consumption within the built environment across the United States. ACTS 29 will join the platform as part of CMTA to expand services in Texas. With the acquisitionofACTS 29, CMTAwill have over 580 engineering professionals focused on high-performance facility

and infrastructure design. CMTA delivers energy savings through both traditional and performance contracts in the healthcare, education, commercial, and local, state, and federal government markets. “I am excited to welcome ACTS 29 to the CMTA team. As a group the ACTS 29 staff are a great fit for CMTA’s culture and values. With their help we are looking forward to expanding our presence in the Dallas-Fort Worth market and bringing more of CMTA’s brand of high performance design and innovation to the area,” said Jimmy Benson, president of CMTA “We are thrilled to join the CMTA team, which holds the same values of putting the team first, open-mindedness, and continual improvement! Being part of a nationally recognized engineering firm will allow us to continue to provide excellence to our communities and valued customers. As we grow CMTA in Dallas, we will continue to provide high- quality service and positive collaborative culture that promotes innovation and growth. I am so proud of our team and know that we will do great things as we

go forward,” said Tony Roe, principal of ACTS 29. CMTA specializes in creating and maintaining high-performing facilities and energy systems by providing energy solutions, energy consulting and engineering, and performance contracting services. CMTA is recognized as a leader in sustainable facility design and energy efficiency retrofits, often providing performance contracting and consulting engineering services together as part of larger multi-disciplinary comprehensive solutions. ThermaHoldings is a leadingmechanical, electrical, plumbing, controls, and energy services company focused on designing, engineering, building, and servicing complex systems in high- performance buildings. Additionally, Therma Holdings offers environmental, social, and governance consulting and advisory services focused on designing and implementing solutions tailored toward improving sustainability and energy efficiency. Headquartered in San Jose, California, Therma Holdings has additional offices throughout the U.S.

pay cuts, signing personal guarantees for business loans, and more. I can tell you we had to do this at Zweig Group at various points in our long history, and the partners stood up and took the hits and maintained the company’s viability. People who will do that are good partners! One more thing: I don’t need to be best friends with my business partners. That’s OK, too. Everyone spends plenty of time with their people at work. We can all have mutual respect for each other and work as a team without having to do everything together, both inside and outside of the office. If you think friendship is a requirement for business partners, you won’t be able to build your business. There are only so many “best friends” anyone needs or can sustain, and that is too high of a bar to throw up for potential business partners. Mutual respect is much more important! Mark Zweig is Zweig Group’s chairman and founder. Contact him at “I could talk all day about the benefits of diverse thinking partners who get along, but there is more to it than that. Here are the qualities that have been present in some of the best partners I have had over the years.”

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want to be in bed with in business is someone who has a plan you aren’t a part of, or are unaware of. These people can be very divisive and may even turn into insurrection leaders. This, too, is one of those qualities that at some point will lead to something ugly. 4. People who do what they say they will. Integrity is a term I don’t hear used often, but it’s an essential quality for good business partners. It’s not all about accountability forced on people through their managers. Let’s face it, once people become partners – at least in many companies – they are treated as if they have tenure with no boss. Therefore we need responsible partners who don’t need to be closely managed for results and can instead be counted on to be self-accountable. 5. Great interpersonal skills. I don’t think everyone needs to be an extrovert, and yet that is some people’s understanding of “interpersonal skills.” I do mean that partners must be people who know how to communicate clearly and understand how to treat other people so they don’t alienate and demotivate them. This is a crucial quality for partners! 6. Willingness to make sacrifices for the benefit of the whole. Even though it may not feel like it now, some leaders have had to make sacrifices in the past and could have to again to keep everything together. That may mean

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