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Sweat the Years Away The Life-Giving Benefits of Saunas

and warming you up weren’t enough, a healthy mind is a great reason to sauna. And while the simplicity of the traditional sauna is part of what makes it great, some facilities have added a modern twist: infrared rays. Infrared saunas, already hot inNewYork City and Los Angeles, are starting to pop up everywhere. If you have

Colder weather is hard on our bodies for many reasons.The air dries and cracks our skin, freezing temperatures cause old injuries to flare up and joints to ache, and the conditions make it just plain hard to exercise.

What’s a fair-weather bird to do? Head to the sauna! Sauna use has been popular in Finland for thousands of years, and there are compelling reasons why. Not only are there many bodily benefits, but science is telling us it may also protect the mind. We’ve known for a long time that saunas can help with blood circulation, stress relief, and cardiovascular health. Traditional saunas use heat to get your blood flowing and promote circulation, and the sweating that goes on during a sauna experience is said to purge toxins from your body. It’s a rejuvenating ritual that releases stress along with endorphins.

trouble dealing with the heat of a typical sauna (average sauna temperatures are kept around 212 degrees F), this latest trend is for you. The average temperature of an infrared sauna is 150 degrees F, making it a more tolerable experience. One NewYork studio touts infrared’s ability to stimulate collagen production, an added anti-aging benefit. Need another bonus? Infrared saunas are said to release up to 20 percent more toxins from the body than traditional saunas.

Whichever type of sauna you decide to visit, the potential health benefits speak for themselves. If you don’t get to escape to Miami or Cancun this winter (and even if you do), it’s a relaxing way to warm up and ease winter ailments. Treat your body and yourself to a sauna experience!

Now, the health journal Age and Ageing has found evidence linking sauna use to a lowered risk for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Men aged 42–60 who participated in frequent sauna bathing sessions were found to have lowered rates of dementia and Alzheimer’s. If feeling good

Many people invest in collectibles. Sometimes, it’s an intentional investment; other times, a collection accrues simply from the love of collecting. Either way, like any form of investing, it comes with risks and rewards. The collectibles market can be just as volatile as any financial market. In a recent report, the AARP looked at collectibles that continue to rise in value. Here are a few. Coins. Many people enjoy collecting coins from various time periods, as well as coins made from precious metals. Generally speaking, coins and currency reliably retain their value. Of course, it depends on what coins you collect, though. The AARP report noted that coins from the 19th century and prior have been increasing in value this year. Additionally, if you collect silver or gold coins, you will, at minimum, be guaranteed the market price of the metal. Toys. Have any pristine Barbie dolls, G.I. Joes, or die-cast vehicles dated to the ’50s and ’60s? If so, you may be sitting on a gold 3 Collectibles Going Up in Value Are You Sitting on a Collectible Gold Mine?

mine. The better the condition they are in, the higher their value. In some cases, having the original packaging can send those values skyrocketing. The investment potential of toys isn’t limited to Barbie or Joe. There is a huge market for vintage toys of all kinds. Even pristine toys from the ’80s and ’90s can fetch remarkable prices at auction and in private sales.

Posters. In this case, we’re talking about movie posters. According to John Brigandi of Brigandi Coins &

Collectibles, speaking with the AARP, movie posters dated pre- 1990 can be worth quite a bit. If you browse eBay for posters of your favorite movies, from the original “Star Wars” to Sean Connery-era “James Bond,” you can see for yourself. These are posters that haven’t been in print for decades (though there are reprints out there, so beware). It’s getting more difficult to find classic movie posters that are in good condition.

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