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A Winding Path to the Law I May Have Wanted to Be a TV Litigator, But What I Became Was Much More Rewarding

There aren’t many areas of the law in which you get the chance to affect a person’s day-to-day existence. But when you’re dealing with families, you’re helping a child grow up in a stable environment, or securing support payments from a deadbeat spouse — things that directly influence the well-being of the people you’re serving. I have to admit, being a lawyer wasn’t always my plan, but it’s proven to be an incredibly

After graduating, I decided to pursue that other pervasive TV trope: the courtroom lawyer. I headed to law school devoid of any notion of which type of law to practice, other than that it had to include time spent giving emphatic, eloquent speeches in front of a judge. I’m obviously exaggerating here, but looking back, that’s how I see myself — utterly naive. I had no

idea how much writing would be involved in legal work, the hundreds of hours spent cranking out elaborate briefs or navigating labyrinths of paperwork. Despite going in with a mountain of misinformation, studying the law clicked with me almost immediately. I graduated and cut my teeth defending a large insurance company in Las Vegas. It was exciting and involved the in-courtroom experience I sought. My family and I moved down here to Phoenix in 2003, and I took a similar sort of job. However, with a growing family including three young kids to think about, the big firm life

rewarding path, every step of the way. I feel privileged to be a part of a profession that allows me to fight for those who need it most. As embarrassing as it is to admit, I am fairly sure my destiny was at least a little influenced by TV. When I was in the middle of my undergraduate studies, I was a double pre-med and history major. I had every intention of going to medical school and becoming the heroic, perpetually strapped-for-time physician. You know, the guy who has to make the tough

“Even if being a family lawyer is completely different than being an attorney on TV, it certainly doesn’t lack for drama.”

away tragically early on in our partnership — a story for another time.

Even if being a family lawyer is completely different than being an attorney on TV, it certainly doesn’t lack for drama. The people who come through our doors are often in desperate, difficult situations. Their lives have been turned upside down, and it’s our job to flip them back right-side up. Our clients entrust us with the fate of their families. They have real, tangible problems that we can work to alleviate. Nowadays, I can say with certainty that it’s a good thing I didn’t become a doctor. My job may not be any less stressful, but I can say without a doubt that I take pride in the impact we have on our clients’ daily lives. It’s why I come into work every morning.

calls in the operating room. Somewhere around my junior year, though, I began to feel fatigued by the constant barrage of chemical bonding maps and anatomy memorization, and I realized the medical field wasn’t for me.

grated on my goals. Basically, the work required way too many hours for me to live like a regular person, much less like a loving and involved father and husband. So my close friend and I struck out on our own, with this very law firm. He passed

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