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What I’m Thankful for in 2018

Growing up on a potato farm, I learned firsthand just howmuch work goes into getting food onto store shelves. Because of this experience, Thanksgiving always has an added layer of meaning for me. Not only is it a chance to share a meal with family and express our gratitude to one another, but it’s also an opportunity to celebrate the bounty of the fall harvest and all the effort it’s taken to produce it. While this aspect of Thanksgiving was definitely a major consideration for our founding fathers, it’s been lost over the centuries. I try to remember the efforts of farmers at every meal, but I always feel it as I sit down to Thanksgiving dinner. As for the meal itself, we’ll be heading to Rexburg to spend Thanksgiving with Meredith’s family. I might be in the minority here, but the dishes I look forward to most are sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce. Their lack of popularity is good news for me, as it means I never need to worry about piling my plate too high. I’m basically just eating what would become leftovers anyway. I try to take none of my many blessings for granted, but this year that would be impossible. I have so much to be grateful for this year, and I’d be a fool to not take the time to express that here. If there’s been a theme for my family in 2018, it’s been setting down roots. In September, I celebrated my second anniversary at Eagle Dental Care. As we’ve worked to remodel the office, update our technology, and put a personal stamp on the practice, we’ve created meaningful bonds between our teammembers. I have to admit, when I first started here, I felt like a visitor in my own practice. That’s far from the case now. I owe a tremendous thank-you to our team and patients for everything they’ve done to welcome me over the past two years. It can be hard to switch dentists, especially when you’re coming from one as great as Dr. Courtial, so I would’ve understood if people were nervous or hesitant about my arrival. But I’ve received nothing but warmth and encouragement from patients. I can’t tell you howmuch it means to me, and I’ll probably never be able to adequately express my gratitude.

not be able to function without the contributions of each of our staff members, and on top of that, they’re all just great people. They make coming to work every day a joy. One of those people, Kara, will soon be leaving us to head back toWashington. It’s bittersweet, and Kara will say her own goodbyes within this newsletter. For now, though, let me just say that Kara has been an integral part of our practice and she will be dearly missed, not the least by me. My family has also been setting down our own roots here in Eagle. As I’ve mentioned before, we bought a house earlier this year, and we expect to live there for a very long time. It’s a joy to be a part of the wonderful community here in Eagle and the Treasure Valley, and I can’t see us leaving any time soon. I want to wish everyone reading this a happy Thanksgiving. Here’s to many more holiday seasons spent as your dentist and neighbor. –Dr. Chris Thomason

I’ve received the same type of support from our tireless, amazing team since my first day at Eagle Dental Care. We truly would


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