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JULY 2019



On the surface, checking out with a cartload of produce at your neighborhood grocery store may seem the same as scanning your items at Walmart. But anyone who has shopped at both knows there’s not much resemblance between the two experiences. At Walmart, you’re just a face in the crowd as you do your shopping, moving anonymously from aisle to aisle. At your local grocery, it’s the opposite. The guy at the deli not only knows your name but also which cuts of meat you like and how many kids you have. When Advanced Physical Therapy opened its first office in 2005 in Wolcott, the dream of providing a practice that felt less like the “Walmarts of the physical therapy world” and more like a home to its clients, being patient-oriented and customer service driven, became a reality. In the 14 years since, the business has grown to multiple offices and about 40 employees located in the heart of Connecticut. At the Terryville office, where I’m the managing partner, we cater to the whole town, tackling sports injuries, postoperative recovery, and the shoulder, neck, knee, and back pain that plagues just about everyone as they get older. When the office opened in 2017, the receptionist and I were the only people on staff, but

now there are five of us that handle 100–120 visits a week.

At Advanced Physical Therapy, we specialize in being at the forefront of our field, and we were implementing things like instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, the Graston technique, and kinesiology taping before other clinics in our area tried them. We also advocate for evidence- based practice. We believe that everything we do needs to be backed by research, and our partnership with the continuing education program Evidence in Motion ensures that all of our clinicians stay up to date. mom, who worked as a nurse when I was growing up. I decided to go into the health care field because of her, and playing sports in high school and continuing with basketball in college got me interested in the industry’s athletic side. I was never seriously injured on the court, but I was around plenty of people who were. Watching them work with physical therapists convinced me that a career as a PT would be the perfect way to combine my interests, and I headed off to the University of New England to pursue it. While I actively see patients come into the Terryville office with sports injuries, I also join Andy Muccino in New My own journey to becoming a physical therapist began with my

Britain once a year to do preseason physicals and screenings for the New Britain Bees baseball team. Advanced Physical Therapy is the official athletic training provider for the Bees, and Andy is their full-time trainer. For the last few years, I’ve met him for a fun day in the clubhouse with all the players. It’s one of my favorite days of the year, and it always reminds me why I love what I do. My patients also continuously remind me why I became a PT. I’m convinced that Advanced PT has the world’s best customers, and we celebrate them every year with customer appreciation nights like the one we just held on June 22. It’s thanks to their loyalty and Dave’s continued drive that we’ve been able to grow the business so much over the last 14 years, opening a new office each year since 2016. I’m excited to see what the next decade will hold for our thriving company. It’s sure to be a wild ride, and by reading this newsletter each month, you can take it right along with me.

–Jarred Parker

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