4.99 16.9-Oz.Bottles 24Pack AquafinaWater


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4.98 6Mega Or 12-Double Rolls Angel Soft Bath Tissue 4.98 6-Big Rolls, Pick A Size Or Print Sparkle Paper Towels 3.98 188-Oz., Selected Sun Liquid Laundry Detergent 4 /$ 10 16.9-Oz. Bottles 6Pack Pepsi Products 1.78 4-Lb. Bag Better Valu Sugar 5.98 12-Ct. K-Cups Or 24.5 To 36.8-Oz., Selected Maxwell House Coffee 2 /$ 4 59-Oz., Selected DonaldDuck Orange Juice 2 /$ 5 5 To 8-Oz., Selected Sargento ShreddedCheese FREE 19.6-Oz., Selected Pepperidge Farm Layer Cakes B uy O ne G et O ne

1.58 USDA Inspected Bone-InAssorted PorkChops Lb.

1.38 USDA Inspected Half Bone-In Pork Loin


2.98 Smithfield Pork Tenderloin



18.4-Oz. Tenderloin Or 27.2-Oz. Smithfield Loin Fillet.....

3.98 12 To 16-Oz., Selected OscarMayer SlicedBacon

2.98 USDA Inspected Baby Back PorkRibs

3.98 18-Count, Mild Or Hot Swaggerty’s Sausage Patties


3.98 Preferred Angus Beef Boneless Top SirloinSteaks


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2.98 16-Oz.Reg.OrLight

3.98 4-Lb. Bag Sweet California ValenciaOranges

Marzetti Caramel AppleDip

.98 Washington State Honey Crisp Apples


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