In The Bag October 2018


SEASONAL MAGIC From Caterpillars to Butterflies

October 2018

We recently bought our 3-year-old a caterpillar kit. Have you ever had one? You get to watch and nurture the caterpillars, observe them building a cocoon, and then one day, the cocoon starts to break open, and a butterfly emerges. The caterpillar has transformed. I often have a feeling of transformation at the beginning of fall.

The feeling of renewal and change also inspires me to take stock of what’s around me. Last month, I shared with you my goal setting strategy, and a big part of making those goals successful involves what you spend your time doing and who you spend time with. People and circumstances can be battery chargers or battery drainers. I make a conscious choice to spend more time with the people who are chargers, and in the fall, I find myself extra charged by the season itself. Maybe it’s the cooler weather or the sense of hitting the refresh button — I find that there’s very little happening this season that drains me. I’m enjoying my time with the people who contribute to that — my family, coworkers, and friends. I hope you’re doing the same. Inside the newsletter, you can read about one of our employees who went through their own kind of transformation — from business owner to manager. Paulette runs one of our busiest stores with ease, and in addition to her incredible character, there’s something else unique about her: She and her husband used to be my competitors. When I bought their company, I liked her philosophy so much that one of the deals in the contract was that she would stay on and work for us. She’s been with us ever since. Read Paulette’s version of the story on Page 2.

That feeling is ushered in with the brisk, cooler weather. It’s invigorating. We made it through the hot summer and had a wonderful time outside. In the fall, the change of season brings about a kind of renewal. There’s this noticeable feeling, and it’s not only back to school. There’s something about the transitions during this time of year — pulling out the sweaters and jackets, staying warm as the weather turns colder, lighting the fireplace again and roasting marshmallows, bundling up and heading out to the football game, sitting on the back porch just breathing in the cooler weather — it’s so energizing. I love it. Colorado is one of my favorite places because of the beautiful scenery, and they have spectacular autumns. The trees take on such vibrant shades across the backdrop of the Rockies. There’s something magical about leaves changing color. You look outside, and the trees have turned from greens to yellows, on to reds and oranges, seemingly overnight.

I hope you enjoy fall as much as I do. Soak in the cooler evenings with your loved ones, and enjoy the views from your own back porch.


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