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Best in Show or Halloween Hazard?

For many kids, picking out a costume is the best part of Halloween. Will they be a spooky witch, a wildcat, or their favorite superhero? There are so many options! But in all the fun, it can be easy for parents to overlook certain risks that

longer to burn and can be put out quickly, it can still catch fire and cause serious injuries. Remind your child to use caution around open flames and avoid costumes with flimsy, hanging components, like flowing sleeves, long skirts, and capes. TEST MAKEUP FIRST. Halloween is a great time to have fun with face paint, and makeup is a good alternative to masks, which can obscure a child’s vision. However, a lot of costume makeup isn’t approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Before letting your child cover their face in makeup from the Halloween store, test their skin for allergic reactions by putting just a little bit on the back of their hand first. PRACTICE PROP SAFETY. What’s a Jedi Knight without her lightsaber or a wizard without his magic wand? The right accessories can really bring a costume together, but it’s important that props — especially weapon props, like swords, knives, or guns — are not mistaken for the real thing. Choose props that are obviously fake, with round edges made from soft, flexible material. And if your child wants to wear their Halloween costume to school or some other event, check the rules on props beforehand to avoid any trouble.

Halloween costumes can pose. Here are important safety tips to remember when choosing the best Halloween costume.


Candles inside jack-o’-lanterns and other open flames are everywhere on Halloween night, so make sure your child’s costume isn’t a fire hazard. Most store-bought costumes are made from fire-

resistant materials, but you should still check the labels on all costumes, wigs, and accessories. The same goes when you’re buying fabric for homemade costumes. And remember, fire-resistant is not the same as fireproof. While fire-resistant material takes

Halloween is a night for ghosts and goblins to come out to play, and with these tips, your kids can safely dress up and join in the fun.

Paulette’s Take on a Blessed Life

Words to Live by

With her incredibly positive outlook on life, it’s no wonder why clients and employees alike love working with Paulette, who is a manager at one of our busiest stores. Before joining our team, Paulette was a business owner. “I owned my own cleaners,” Paulette explains. “Then my husband became disabled, and I tried to manage it all on my own, but it became too much.” A mutual friend put her in contact with Dave, and as she was

knew right away she would enjoy working with him, and that held true long after their contract was up. “I just loved working for him,” Paulette says. “We’re each other’s blessings.” Today, Paulette keeps one of our busiest stores running smoothly and says she’s grateful for the new faces and challenges each day brings. “It’s enabled me to not only grow relationships with people in my community, but to help serve them as well. I love every minute of it,” Paulette says. Of her positive outlook on life, she defers to her motto: “‘It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.’ I’ve always tried to maintain my attitude and conduct to that one little motto.” Outside of work, it’s all about family. Paulette has four grandchildren, and says, “I like to do anything and everything with them. I find it a privilege just to be around them. I’m so blessed to have them, I truly am.” Paulette is also an active member of her church, and with other members, sews quilts that are sent to Africa. “Sewing is my No. 1 passion, when I find time for hobbies,” she admits. “It’s really cool to play such a small part in the grand scheme of things. I like to think of it as not just sending a blanket, but sending a hug.”

looking to downsize, Dave was looking to expand his business, so the acquaintance was mutually beneficial. “Customers were all important to us and to him as well,” Paulette recalls. “That’s why I liked him so well — he has the same attitude about business that we do.” Paulette and her husband sold their company to Dave, with one caveat (at Dave’s insistence): that Paulette would continue to work for him for three months after the transfer to make the change easier for customers. For Paulette, it was the perfect solution. “I wanted to get smaller, but to keep going in the same profession. It had been my only career. Dave helped me do that,” Paulette says. After meeting, she

With a perspective like that, it’s no wonder we all feel blessed to have Paulette on our team.

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