Implementing Mental Health First Aiders guide for employers

Promote your Mental Health First Aiders Make sure the whole organisation is aware who the Mental Health First Aiders are and how to contact them should they need support. Each organisation approaches this differently but you may wish to consider:

When you promote the Mental Health First Aiders to the rest of the organisation, it’s important to include: – Clear information on the boundaries of the role Colleagues must understand that Mental Health First Aiders are not there to give them ongoing support or counselling, but instead to act as a point of contact and reassurance. Be clear that Mental Health First Aiders are not available outside work hours. Include signposts to alternative out-of-hours support should this be needed, such as Samaritans , SANEline , Shout , o r an EAP helpline. – Names, contact details and job titles for the Mental Health First Aiders across the business. Some people may not want to contact a Mental Health First Aider who is based at their own site or on their own team. – The process for getting in touch with them and what to expect Manage expectations here – for example, a Mental Health First Aider may not be able to respond immediately but will arrange a time to call or meet up. Remind staff about the assistance pathways and other support services if they need help urgently.

Links Use these poster templates to promote Mental Health First Aiders around your workplace, or create your own. – Include information in return to work interviews or packs so employees who have been off work unwell are reminded of the support available to them, including how to contact a Mental Health First Aider should they need to – Hold a launch event linking in with an awareness campaign such as World Mental Health Day – Put Mental Health First Aiders’ contact details alongside the physical first aiders’ contact details in key areas around the workplace such as the photocopier, kitchen or toilets – Put each Mental Health First Aider’s name, photograph and contact details on the intranet – Give Mental Health First Aiders lanyards, badges or distinctive email signatures for easy identification. Use the Mental Health First Aider digital badge which comes with their course certificate – Include contact details of all Mental Health First Aiders in new starter induction packs


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