Implementing Mental Health First Aiders guide for employers

Lay the groundwork for the whole organisation The only effective, sustainable approach to employee wellbeing involves the whole organisation. Attitudes filter down from leaders and must be backed up with policies and procedures. Alongside any training it’s important to review how your organisation can create and nurture an inclusive, supportive culture around mental health. The role of senior leadership

Having a senior leader champion your mental health initiatives is a very powerful way to break down stigma and gain traction across the organisation. Senior leaders should: – Position mental health as a boardroom issue, on par with physical health – Commit to creating a psychologically safe environment for all employees by addressing inequities based on race, gender, sexuality, age, disability or health – Consider that positive wellbeing has a well-documented impact on productivity, performance, and engagement. Supporting equity and wellbeing is good business for everyone Links The Race at Work Charter sets out actions and commitments for race equity in the workplace


Wellbeing strategy


Line managers



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