Implementing Mental Health First Aiders guide for employers

Working practices Review your processes, working practices and policies throughout the employment lifecycle, from recruitment to exit, considering wellbeing and mental health at each stage. For example: – When recruiting and inducting new employees do you make it clear that the organisation treats mental health and physical health as equally important? – Do you promote the support available to employees at each stage of the employment cycle? – Can you better support employees at milestones such as returning from maternity/paternity leave, promotion, or returning to work after a period of illness? Training framework We recommend training people in mental health awareness and skills at a blend of levels. Consider what this framework will look like for your organisation. Links Being a Mental Health First Aider – information about the roles at different levels of MHFA England training MHFA England Workplace info pack – training options which can be tailored to suit your organisation’s needs Lay the groundwork for the whole organisation

Employer examples: working practices PwC has asked employees to consider what will make the biggest difference to their work-life balance and to make a commitment to it. Watch video Thames Water promotes the importance of achieving a healthy balance between work and home life, and accommodates flexible working requests wherever possible. Three UK has implemented Wellbeing Wednesdays, Personal Days, and Wellness Boxes into their working practices. At office sites, no meetings are booked between 12pm and 2pm on Wednesdays - instead, employees are encouraged to use that time for activities that promote their wellbeing, such as exercising or reading a book to unwind. Personal Days give all staff the option to take three paid days per year to do something important to them. Many choose to spend this time with family or volunteer for a good cause. At various times throughout the year and particularly during busy periods, Wellness Boxes containing healthy treats and snacks are distributed to everyone to show their efforts are appreciated. Wellcome Trust launched a Mental Health Ambassadors Network to sit alongside their MHFA England trained staff and wider wellbeing strategy. The network focuses on ways to lessen the impact of workplace pressures and prevent mental ill health.


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