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Dive Into Fitness Why Swimming is the Workout Routine of Your Dreams

During summer’s peak, when hot weather reigns supreme, most of us head to the cool safety found indoors. In the heat of summer, working out can be less desirable than usual, but your workout routine shouldn’t suffer. In fact, the warm weather is a great opportunity to try out swimming, which is considered one of the best exercise experiences you can have. Unlike other workouts like running or weight training, which create an unpleasant strain on your body, swimming lets you work out longer, without the stress, and it’s easier on your joints and muscles. When floating in a pool, your body doesn’t come into repeated contact with the hard

surfaces that can put a strain on your skeletal system. In fact, research in the Journal of Applied Physiology found that swimming builds bone mass and that swimmers possess greater bone mineral density than non-swimmers. Swimming also helps improve your all- around flexibility and muscle strength. Nearly every muscle in your body gets a workout, so you’re building muscle strength while toning your body. Blood circulation is also improved, which can help prevent high cholesterol and heart disease. A study from the University of South Carolina suggests swimming might even offer a chance at longevity, especially country music. She inspired me to take up the guitar some of you might have noticed I keep in my office and play a verse of Hank Williams’ “Jambalaya” for her. (I choose that song partly because it only has two chords and is the easiest song to play that I know of.) Thank you, Mrs. D’Angelis, for tolerating my singing — and for allowing us to provide your hearing care. I would like to thank Dr. Larry and his staff at Hearing Center of Long Island for the expert service and caring attention they have given me. I was reluctant to get help for my hearing for a long time. The staff at Hearing Center

among men. Researchers followed over 40,000 adult men for 32 years and found that the swimmers of the group had a 50 percent lower mortality rate than those who made running their exercise of choice. The summertime heat can make jogging, weight training, and many of your other fitness routines a real challenge. With swimming, you can beat the heat, get a great workout, and vastly improve your health in many ways. So what are you waiting for? Jump in. The water’s great! of Long Island put me at ease right away. Now I can hear and understand conversations very well with my new hearing aids. I don’t misunderstand what people are saying like I used to, and I no longer have to ask people to repeat themselves. I can even enjoy my country music more. I realize now how much I was missing out on before I let Hearing Center of Long Island help me. My children thank you, too! I no longer annoy and frustrate them with my hearing difficulty.

What Our Patients Are Saying

Rose and Dr. Larry

Rose D’Angelis was a Perry Como and Frank Sinatra fan before she met her husband. Her husband and his family were avid country music fans. She eventually came to share their love of country music. After one of her visits to our office, Mrs. D’Angelis and I got to discussing what we both enjoy about country music — especially older

Thanks again to all my friends at Hearing Center of Long Island.


Rose D’Angelis, Valley Stream, New York

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