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APRIL 2019


The Most Important Women in My Life

S iblings. At various points in our lives, they can be our best friends or our worst enemies — sometimes fulfilling both roles at the exact same time! To honor the amazing and multifaceted relationships siblings share, Claudia Evart created National Siblings Day in 1995, and since this national celebration falls on April 10, there's no better time to write up a tribute to my sisters, Terry and Robbie, two of the most influential women in my life and my best friends. “There's no better time to write up a tribute to my sisters, Terry and Robbie, two of the most influential women in my life and my best friends.” In most families with multiple children, there are certain roles associated with the kids’ birth orders. For example, the oldest tends to serve as the leader of the pack, constantly striving to win over the hearts of their elders. Middle children, however, often experience a kind of hierarchical confusion because they are neither the oldest nor the youngest. To combat these feelings, they will often make a name for themselves among their peers as a social butterfly. The babies of the family tend to be the most free-spirited due to parents’ more laissez-faire attitude toward rules and consequences, which means they often end up being fun-loving and outgoing.

While not everyone will fall into these roles perfectly, in my family, we fit them to a T — and we constantly give each other a hard time about it! Since I am the oldest, my sisters call me bossy. Terry is constantly working the middle child angle, and Robbie is certainly the baby of the family. But our ragging on each other is all in good humor, and we would not have it any other way. In addition to giving each other a hard time, we certainly make our adorably sweet mom roll her eyes at us from time to time. In fact, I like to tell people that my mom is afraid of us because one year — without any prior planning — all three of us gave her the exact same birthday card! She opened the first one and said, “Oh wow! That is cute.” Then, she opened the second one and laughed at the coincidence. But by the time she got to the third one, she said, “Now I am actually afraid!” This crazy moment just goes to show that, even though we are completely different people, our brains definitely work the same. A lot of our mom’s other eye-rollingmoments occur when we all go shopping together. Since my mom barely reaches 5 feet, we often “lose” her in the aisles. We will jokingly tag one another to keep an eye on Mom. She gets so aggravated with us, but after all these years, she has surely become a major player in our family teasing. We are always keeping each other on our toes, and even though

we had times during our childhood when we fought, I cannot imagine being an only child. My life would be far less entertaining if Terry and Robbie were

not a part of it. In fact, my relationships with my sisters were influential in my decision to have three children of my own — I wanted them to experience the same joy, support, and hilarity that I had and still have the pleasure of knowing. While my sisters and I will always strive to take care of one another and our mom, in my practice, I have found that not all sibling relationships function this way. There have been instances where my clients have left one child in charge of financial distribution. In many cases, this leads to a plethora of problems. I fully believe that by working with us to get plans and considerations in order, clients set their children up for the best possible outcomes. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.

-Kim Hegwood



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