Board Converting News, May 10, 2021

PPC TICCIT Launches 2021 Youth Scholarship Program

This spring, TICCIT (Trees Into Cartons, Cartons Into Trees) is inspiring students to create a more sustainable future while offering scholarships to bring much-needed school supplies into the classroom. A program from the Paperboard Packaging Council, TICCIT teaches first-through-fifth grade students about the importance of trees, paper packaging, recycling, and the environment. Adopted for the virtual world, 2021’s programming will feature video lessons from industry sponsors and an opportunity for students to submit their creative projects into a scholarship contest.

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To take part in the 2021 virtual program, teachers and administrators can register their school or youth organization at dent-program . Once registered, organizations will receive a TICCIT video that showcases the importance of trees, the paper-making process, and how recycling works. After learning about sustainability, students can sub- mit their wishes for a more sustainable future in the form of artwork, pho- tos, videos, poetry, letters, or any other creative virtual medium. With pa- rental consent, each submission will enter the scholarship contest, which will award school supplies to the students’ organizations or classrooms. Submissions are due by May 14. PPC member companies are sponsoring the scholarships. They include Graphic Packaging International, Manchester Industries, Sandusky Pack- aging Corp., Southern Champion Tray, WestRock, and Wikoff Color Corp. “Community organizations are encouraged to sponsor students and families, helping winners to receive supplies for their classrooms while sharing knowedge about trees, sustainability, and the benefits of recy- cling,” said Paperboard Packaging Council president, Ben Markens. “It’s so important to spread the word and help the next generation take part in our shared sustainable future.” Created in 2010, TICCIT is normally held in person at schools across the country around Earth Day. After classroom learning sessions, students pot tree saplings into paperboard cartons filled with soil to take home and plant with their families. The paper cartons will naturally biodegrade once planted, completing the “trees into cartons, cartons into trees” lifecycle. In-person TICCIT events will likely resume in 2022 or when deemed safe. Visit for more information. Now in its 92nd year, PPC works to grow, promote and protect the paperboard packaging industry while providing its members with resources and tools to compete successfully in the marketplace. TICCIT is inspiring students to create a more sustainable future this spring through their national scholarship program.



May 10, 2021

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