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to power U.S. paper industry operations is generated us- ing renewable, carbon neutral biomass. In contrast, the energy consumption required for digital technologies is increasing nine percent each year, and the share of digi- tal technology in global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions could rise to eight percent by 2025 according to The Shift Project, a carbon transition think tank. And compared to paper’s recycling success story, the United States generates approximately seven million met- ric tons of e-waste annually, but only 15 percent of that waste is recycled, according to the 2020 Global E-waste Monitor. “The life cycle of paper products is circular by nature,” Rowzie explains. “The raw material used to make it is per- petually regrown, the energy used to manufacture it is generated using mostly carbon-neutral biofuel, and the circle is completed as used paper is recycled into new products at a higher rate than any other material. Even so, our survey shows that misconceptions about the sustain- ability of paper products are commonplace. It’s just these types of misconceptions that Two Sides was created to correct. We believe consumers have the right to make pur- chasing choices based on data and hard facts, free from pop mythology and misinformation.” Visit for more facts about the sustainability of paper and paper-based packaging.

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May 10, 2021

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