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al Speed King gluer. The new gluer can handle a wider variety of jobs, including in-line diecuts, RSCs, FOLs, lock bottoms and the sleeves. There are even plans to run four-corner trays for local breweries. Board grades run on the machine have ranged from E-flute to B/C doublewall. It can run at speeds up to 1100-feet-per-minute.

Great Versatility After the tornado destroyed the original gluer, MVPS was hand gluing the sleeves. It would take 10 hours to hand glue 500 blanks. That same volume takes one hour

on the Signature Albatross. Its efficiency and productivity has greatly streamlined workflow through the plant. MVPS can now run large volumes and warehouse the inventory, eliminating the need to stage jobs and alleviating bottle- necks on the production floor. In-line box styles were produced on an Internation- The specialty gluer is 10-feet wide and can easily handle sheets as large as 118 inches.

“We’ve been able to do much deeper, longer boxes on the new gluer than we could have done on the Speed King,” says Williams. “It’s very versatile. We haven’t even touched on everything we can do with it.” Phegley says the Signature Albatross can also run very A turning module turns the sheets and re-orientates their di- rection to accommodate cross folding and gluing.


Taking the Corrugated Industry by Storm

albatross • Heavy duty corrugated converting • N through A flute • 800 - 2,000 gsm • Up to 3 meters wide • Customizable to your needs

Eagle (hybrid model) • Folding carton or corrugated • E, B, and A flute

• 200 - 800 gsm • Full features


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May 10, 2021

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