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Patient Success Spotlights

“Thank God for Pittman Physical Therapy”

“My experience at Pittman Physical Therapy has been very beneficial and enjoyable.” “My experience at Pittman Physical Therapy has been very beneficial and enjoyable. The staff is very friendly, yet professional and do their best to keep you comfortable while helping you heal and be capable of regaining full function. Brad, Jeff, and Krista are great! The atmosphere is friendly and fun and makes you feel you are all important to them!” – Lynette Mulert

“Choosing Pittman Physical Therapy for the pain I was having was a great choice. I would say, most of the time people who spend time with you would help you with your pain, but at Pittman they were also friendly and nice. All the way from the front to the back – Pittman is the place to go. I went because I was having hip pain and I was having trouble at night with it hurting. I would have to turn over in bed about every hour and when I would get up I had to hold onto something to get to the bathroom. Then I had trouble picking things up, so before I left they worked on my back. I can tell you they helped me and they take their time in finding out about your pain. I am so thankful for Jeff at Pittman’s. Everything I worked with was for the good of my problem. Thank God for Pittman Physical Therapy!” – Latham Do More, Feel Better & Save Money This Holiday Season!

Have You Met Your Deductible Yet? Have you met your annual insurance deductible or out of pocket maximum? If you have, your therapy may be free or you may have just a small co-payment. How do you check to see if you have met these limits? You can call your insurance and ask them or you can call us and we will gladly check your benefits for you.


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