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We will be following strict CDC Guidelines to allow patients into our facility. You will be asked if you have had any of the following common symptoms in the past 14 days: • Fever.

• Tiredness. • Dry cough.

• Aches and pains. • Nasal congestion. • Runny nose.

We will take your temperature OUTSIDE prior to treatment and if it is elevated you will not be allowed to enter. People with symptoms will not have therapy, should return home immediately, self-isolate, and call their doctor.

THESE STRICT GUIDELINES WILL BE FOLLOWED: • Patients and therapists will have temperature scanned outside the facility • During phase 1 opening we will limit the number of employees in the facility to 6, and only 4 patients having one on one therapy with a PT, in a separate room or area. • Only allowed into our facility with a mask • Patients and therapists must wash hands during treatments • Use of appropriate PPE (gloves, masks, shields) will be used during treatments • Facility will initially function only with 4 therapists on the premises at any given time • Treatments will be provided such that patients are not near each other • Disinfectants will be used on equipment prior to treatments and after patient use • Treatments will be spaced by 15 minutes between 2 consecutive treatments to allow for wiping down in facility prior to next patient.

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