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T he mind will do everything in its power to avoid pain. This is the primary job of your unconscious mind and your unconscious mind also has control over your “mojo system.” It will slam on the brakes if it thinks pain is in your future. I believe this is the principle cause of feeling burned out in our work or personal lives. Feeling burned out often comes with a sense of being lost in an existential void or suffering from cognitive dissonance. We become adrift in our own lives and trying to get traction again is like swimming against a current. Without motivation, we start to ask ourselves, “Why bother?” No matter how much we enjoy our careers or appreciate our lives, at some point, we all have a “why bother” moment. In times like these the best solution is to get some alignment, which comes from giving your work a higher purpose. When alignment is in place, motivation isn’t something you need to will into existence; it’s a part of your reality. WHEN BURNOUT HOLDS YOU BACK

Realign Yourself With a Higher Purpose

going again. For some people a long weekend spent relaxing with family will do the trick, but not everyone can take the time off. If you’re struggling to realign yourself, Heidi Grant Halvorson, a social psychologist and the author of “No One Understands You and What to Do About It,” suggests focusing on why your work matters to you. Remind yourself why you chose this career and why you found the work fulfilling in the beginning. Look at the bigger picture and connect what you are doing today with where your goals will lead. As Halvorson says, focusing on meaning offers a “jolt of energy that will give you what you need to barrel through that day or the next couple of days.” The Harvard Business Review explored the concept of burnout and presented case studies featuring business leaders who have faced burnout. One study followed Miko Branch, co- founder, creative director and CEO of the hair care line Miss Jessie’s. Though Branch loved the company she and her sister built, a time came when she hit the burnout wall hard. With multiple product launches and a deadline for her book creeping up, she found she

“When alignment is in place, motivation isn’t something you need to will into existence; it’s a part of your reality.”

Overcoming burnout is difficult, but there are plenty of tactics and strategies to get yourself

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